IKEA has chosen Unobravo to guide its employees through their wellbeing journey

IKEA Purchasing Services Italy S.r.l. has teamed up with Unobravo, an online psychology service that allows you to access psychological support through video call. The purpose of this partnership is to support IKEA's employees' mental wellbeing with coping strategies to deal with any discomfort related to their mental health, stress and pandemic.

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Terapia psicologica con Unobravo
the perfect match for tailor-made support

Find the psychologist best suited for you through our pioneering matching system

Through our online questionnaire, we find the psychologist whose skills and expertise match your wellbeing needs and preferences.

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Psychological sessions just a click away

You can choose how and when to video call a psychologist in total privacy

From your home or from a hotel room, with your phone, laptop, or tablet, you will be able to reach a psychologist. Your privacy is always guaranteed! Pick the time and day, and if needed, you will be able to reschedule the appointment through your Unobravo account or find a new therapist by contacting the Customer Service team at supporto@unobravo.com. The Unobravo team is available Monday through Friday from 8 till 6 pm (CET).

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Quality psychological care

You can choose how and when to video call your psychologist in total privacy

IKEA Purchasing Services Italy will offer up to 6 sessions for each interested IKEA employee

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Each session lasts up to 60 minutes, to be taken outside working hours

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To access the service you will need to use your company email address

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Anonymity is guaranteed (no one from your company will know you have utilised this service)

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No approval is required by your manager

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Professional confidentiality is the number one rule for every licensed psychologist: you can be reassured that nothing you will discuss will be shared with anyone

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affordable psychology

Meet your psychologist for free and continue your therapy without paying anything

By signing up with your company email, you will be able to meet a psychologist for a short introduction catch-up and then you can decide whether to continue with your journey with Unobravo.
If you feel you need to go on beyond the 6 sessions offered by IKEA Purchasing Services Italy with psychological support, you can do it with Unobravo with a discount of €2,50.

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How does Unobravo work?

After completing the questionnaire, you will gain access to the private user area on Unobravo website. A psychologist will contact you through the built in app service, to schedule the first free introductory session. They will know what you want to discuss from the open ended questions on the initial survey, but you can let them know about your needs. They will also speak Italian or English according to the language you used completing the questionnaire.

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