IKEA has chosen Unobravo to guide its employees through their wellbeing journey.

Unobravo is an online psychology service that allows you to video call your psychologist wherever you are. Sign up with your company email: you will gain access to your first therapy sessions for free!

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All our psychologists are:

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Poche e semplici domande bastano per trovare lo psicologo migliore per aiutarti in base alle tue necessità e preferenze. Il colloquio conoscitivo è gratuito, solo dopo scegli se proseguire con una terapia

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You can choose how and when to video call your psychologist in total privacy

From your home or from a hotel room, with your phone, laptop or tablet, you will be able to reach your psychologist. Your privacy is always guaranteed! Pick the time and day, and if needed, you will be able to reschedule the appointment thought your Unobravo account or find a new therapist by contacting our customer service. Our team is available Monday through Friday from 8 till 6 pm (CET).

Telefono, tablet o computer? Scegli tu!
Ovunque tu viva, noi siamo al tuo fianco

Parli in italiano con il tuo psicologo, perché le “sfumature” sono importanti

Le sfumature sono importanti: esprimere emozioni e pensieri nella tua lingua madre rende il dialogo molto più efficace.


Meet your psychologist for free and continue your therapy without paying anything

By signing up with your company email, you will be able to meet your psychologist for free during a short introduction catch-up, plus have your first few sessions without having to pay! If you choose to continue your therapy with Unobravo further than what your company has offered, you will still be able to talk to your psychologist for €42,50 an hour. Talk to your company about this: they may still be able to cover the costs of up to six sessions.

How does
Unobravo work?

After completing the questionnaire, you will gain access to the private user area on our website. Your psychologist will contact you through the built in app service! Your therapist will know what you want to discuss from the open ended questions on the initial survey, but please let them know about your needs on the day of your first free introduction session.

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