BIP has chosen Unobravo to guide its people through their wellbeing journey

Unobravo provides fully online psychotherapy sessions via video call with experienced psychologists and psychotherapists.
BIP will offer you 1 therapy session; if you wish to go on with your therapeutic journey, you can do it with Unobravo with a discount of 10% per session.

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Terapia psicologica con Unobravo

Find the best psychologist for you with a few simple questions

By filling out a simple online questionnaire, we facilitate a meeting with the Unobravo therapist most suitable for you due to affinity and personal needs.

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Take the free consultation and, if you continue, BIP offers you 1 session and subsequent ones discounted by 10%

  • Sign in with your corporate email, fill out the questionnaire and you will be entitled to a free initial consultation with your assigned therapist
  • Anonymity guaranteed. We protect your privacy and do not send your employer the names of those who choose to do therapy with us.
  • After the first free initial consultation, BIP will offer you 1 free session, using voucher BIP1 and subsequent sessions discounted by 10% using voucher BIP10%
  • If you already have an Unobravo account, you can update your personal email address with the corporate one directly in your personal area to be able to use the voucher
  • Enter the voucher when confirming each appointment.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Customer Service at


Choose how and when to talk confidentially with your psychologist

In video call from home or at the hotel, by phone or computer, and always with maximum privacy. You decide the day and time and, if necessary, you can always change the appointment or request another professional. Our team is available over a wide range of time zones to meet your every need.


The selection of Unobravo psychologists: competence and humanity

o ensure that our therapists know how to make the screen a strong point, we select our online psychologists not only for their skills and experience, but also for their affinity with our values of acceptance, empathy and reliability, which are fundamental to a successful course.

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Let’s start!

Just relax and get ready to find your Unobravo! It takes a few, simple questions. Complete the questionnaire and feel free to add further information that could be interesting for your therapist; otherwise, you can talk directly with your Unobravo during the first free consultation.

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